This site is about Gynecological Carcinosarcoma which is also known as MMMT which stands for Malignant Mixed Mesodermal (or Mullerian) Tumor.

My sister was diagnosed with MMMT in July 2009. Finding up to date info was extremely difficult, with bits and pieces scattered all over the internet. I decided to share the information that I collected and create a place on the web to collect and organize new info as it becomes available.  Please let me know if you see areas that are not up to date or can be otherwise improved.

The Heart of this site is the Facts Page .  On it I have summarized what I have learned about MMMT as clearly and concisely as I know how.

If you or someone you love has MMMT you should consider  joining the  Uterine MMMT Message Group.  Started by a woman named Kathy H, it was the best source of information that I found when searching the web. It did not come up ranked high on the search engines, but it should.  I found it in a message on another related message board.  It has a wealth of information in it’s files and messages sections.  Spend some time searching through the archives.   Most of what I started this site with came from what I gleaned by poring through it and by communicating with the wonderful people who are it’s members.  If you want up to the minute information, community and emotional support from MMMT patients, survivors and their loved ones I strongly suggest that you join. It is a “private” group, unlike this site. That might allow you to speak more freely than your would want to here.

With your feedback and suggestions I hope to keep this site useful for people who need to learn about this MMMT fast.

Thank you,